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President's Message

The postie and the priest

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation began in 2003 in an attempt to gather all my social investments together under one Board of Governance.

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Beyond Care

Father Bob bobble head

Father Bob knows that to some in our society there are people who are ‘unworthy’ to continuing support.

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The Father Bob Hopemobile has been a 5 star restaurant on wheels catering to Melbourne's most needy for more than a dozen years.

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Our Work

Our Work

Since 2003 the Father Bob Maguire Foundation has been working tirelessly to feed the hungry and house the homeless.

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The larrikin priest
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Father Bob & the Father Bob Maguire Foundation is a community investment in social capital. Since the beginning of his work, Father Bob’s philosophy & practice has been one of Care Without Borders.

Nobody should be left behind! We are one society & one world. There is no more us & them, there is only we. As long as even one of us is left behind & suffers, we are all behind & our humanity suffers.